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The joy of my heart is the work of my hands.
May it be acceptable in your eyes, O Lord.
Hope for the World 
John 3:16-21

Guest Book

Welcome to Sweet Necessi-Teas!  If you are stopping in for the first time or the fiftieth, I'd love to hear from you.

judymaines 2013-03-18
I was looking for a devotional for my ladies group at church to present to them and stumbled upon this beautiful web site. Being a tea drinker for a very long time, I linked up on this site Just alot of fun things. to buy and try out. And I will be presenting one of the devotions I found. Can't wait for the girls to hear it. Thanks. Judy
From: Tavares, Florida
Heidi Paul 2013-03-17
This is one of the most beautiful websites I have ever stumbled upon. I will definitely return to shop.
From: Houston, Texas
Edith 2013-03-17
What a fabulous website. I loved my teacup fabric once and came back to order more. At my Rainbow tea event I will be all the talk because of the tablecloth and chair covers I will be making. Thank you again. God Bless!
From: Hopewell, Virginia
Denise Fischer 2012-03-26
What a beautiful website. I am so glad you are a christian I like the victorian looking cross on the left margin is that for sale? God bless you greatly! Denise
From: Greensburg, PA
Leonie 2012-03-24
I love to visit your webshop and I show it to lots of other people. It is a lovely site with beautiful things.
From: Delft, The Netherlands
luann 2012-03-15
just found this. love it
From: california
Angelica Belen 2012-02-10
My daughter absolutely LOVES her ballerina porcelain tea set. She feels so refined and grown up! I have to say that it is truly beautiful! I love this site! I may return for a tea set of my own!!
From: Wisconsin, USA
Betsy Heiman 2011-07-24
I absolutely love your site. Thank you for making it so inviting. I will be back often.
From: Austin, Texas
Liz Wallis 2011-07-24
I love your website - and enjoy looking at all your wonderful tea things. Just wish I could purchase some items, but am not sure you send to countries outside of the U.S.? regards, Liz Wallis
From: South Africa
Diane Pecora 2011-01-29
What a lovely and charming site. Definately a favorite.
From: Stratford, Connecticut
Tina Woodworth 2010-12-27
Quite lovely indeed. I grew up with the tradition of tea and I too have made my own clothes since junior high. Now I sew and pass tea traditions to my children. This is my first of many visits to your lovely boutique! Continue to let God use you in a creative and mighty way with the work of your hands!
From: Nikiski, Alaska
Gail Tryon 2010-12-20
What a wonderful display of your heart! Thanks for the insight you offer and for sharing your creative efforts with us. Your excitement is displayed in every detail! God bless you in all you set your hands to do.
From: Chattanooga, TN
Judy Witt 2010-10-31
This is a beautiful site with lots to look at and enjoy. Thanks for including recipes. I got interested in these types of sites due to having my granddaughters 6th birthday. We chose a tea party this year and are very excited and looking forward to it.
From: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
grace 2010-10-30
I love your site. I'ts so warm and inviting.
From: Ohio
Juana Heath 2010-08-10
Good morning Karen, I've just received "THE HEIRLOOM CREAM OPENWORK TEA SET for 4. It is absolutely, BREATHTAKING and STUNNING and PERFECT! I'm really happy with my choice. I can also see, how much love, you put in the packaging. From now on, I will continue looking through your Boutique, and when I need something, I will order it. God bless you always. Ju~ana
From: Belle Isle, Florida
Juana Heath 2010-08-04
Hi dear friend, I just ordered your beautiful "Heirloom Cream Tea Set" for 4. And, I can't wait to receive it. I must tell you, when I first saw your beautiful "Heirloom Cream Tea Set", I just saw a beautiful sunny day, around it, filled with much happiness. I said: I must have this. Have a wonderful day. God bless.
From: Belle Isle, Florida
Juana Heath 2010-08-03
I just found this beautiful site. I have fallen in love with your "Heirloom Cream Tea Set for 4". Planning on ordering it, within minutes. This page, is so relaxing and peaceful. For sure, God, is in the details. Belle Isle, FL
From: Belle Isle, Florida
Sheryl 2010-03-03
I think your web site is just beautiful! It alows me a little time to just sit and relax, enjoying the pretty wallpaper, teacup, and the treasures you have to behold. You have a gift and it is nice that you have been able to share it with the rest of us. I'd love to sit and have a cup of tea with you!
From: Micanopy, Florida
Carol English 2010-01-11
Karen, I so enjoy looking at your site and the purchases I have made. I truly love the yellow tea cup and saucer you feature with the songbird teapot in the linens section and admire it every week. I don't know why, but it catches my eye and makes me smile. Thank you.
From: Tampa, FL
Marilynn Brown 2010-01-11
Just found your wonderful web site and am purchasing a tea fabric that I have been searching for over the last several months. Will definetly be back!!
From: Harriman, TN
Melissa Fippinger 2010-01-11
HI...I'm Dale's wife. He told me about your web site. It's so sweet. You have some really cute things. I'll have to tell Carol about it.Bruce's wife
From: Baytown,TX
Miriam Zimmermann RN 2009-08-24
Karen - As always, your things are so gorgeous and take my breath away! God bless. Love you!
From: Knoxville, TN.
Bonnie 2009-07-23
Viewing this site is like taking a mini-vacation. At lunchtime it is my little getaway from the craziness of work. I absolutely LOVE this site. Keep up the good work!
From: Herndon, VA
Bryar Cougle 2009-07-02
For someone who loves tea and the art of taking tea, this is a very enjoyable site. Thought I would put in a note for the men in this world who also like tea and find it a super way to relax and entertain friends. Best Wishes!
From: Cary, NC
Carol Yates 2009-06-22
What a lovely website. It reminds me of a dear friend of mine who loves tea! She is such a lovely lady and would like your site too!
From: California
Chris 2009-06-20
You have such a lovely site. Just love your wallpaper. I return often to check it out.Keep up the great work.
From: Florida of Iowa
Deborah 2009-06-20
Your website is so lovely. You are so creative. I plan to return.
From: Dallas,Tx
anna 2009-05-06
What a beautiful website , such pretty things!! I love everything you are a truly a skilled and talented woman God Bless you !!
From: Melbourne Australia
Adaline 2009-04-23
I love your website. The gifts are very unique and I am looking forward to spoiling myself.
From: Maryland
eMarie 2009-03-19
I love the website and the unique designs.
From: chattanooga
Norma Cromer 2009-02-27
I have been an advocate of "tea time" since my pre-teens now 70+ when require to take tea with an elderly lady. Our hair was combed, hands washed, ankles crossed then served tea with all the trimming from a silver tea service. This was a weekly even that I still treasure. Your web site brings back so many memories. I am now invited to tea-parties by my young frinds in their 30s and 40s. I am blessed!
From: Springfield, Missouri
Jana 2009-02-24
Your new look is very pretty. Thank you so much for the service you gave me when I ordered my lovely little tea for one. I enjoy using it each day. best wishes from British Columbia.
From: Canada
Joy 2009-02-17
Your new site is absolutely beautiful and perfect for Sweet Necessi-Teas. Truly beautiful. Good luck as you continue to fulfill your dream.
DIANA ANDREWS 2009-02-11
Nancy 2009-02-02
Karen, Your new Boutique is just lovely, the colors, the pearl fringe, roses, ribbons etc. Very, very nice! Huggs, Nancy
From: Ashburn, GA
kristi 2009-02-02
Karen, Your new site is beautiful!!A perfect reflection of your business and you. Much success for 2009! the pocketboof cozies are terrific!
From: Grass Valley, Calif.
gail friend designs 2009-02-02
Hi Karen,,, what an awesome job you have done! Your new website is just beautiful. Best wishes on you new endeavors! hugs, gail
From: tempe, AZ
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